Welcome to Travelgirl’s blog!

The Travelgirl team at our luggage launch party: (l-r) President Michael Morris, Associate Publisher Robyn Werbin, Managing Editor Jan Schroder, Publisher Renee Werbin, Creative Director Valerie Cassius Kessler and Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Oswald. Bottom row: pieces from the Travelgirl luggage collection.

This is a very rare photo. Yes, we are co-workers at Travelgirl magazine, but that means we all travel. Take today for instance: Robyn and Renee are in Israel, Stephanie is in New Orleans and Valerie is heading to Portland. So for us to all be in one place at a time rarely happens.

But we do sometimes get together – like for the Travelgirl luggage launch party where this photo was taken.

And now we are getting together again – well in cyberspace anyway – to collaborate  on this blog.

We’ll each be posting here where we’ll write about our travels, meals and excursions, maybe even share our own stories of mishaps along the way. Or perhaps clue you in on a great product, store or online site we’ve discovered.

As much as we’re able to share in the pages of the magazine, there is so much more we can’t fit. Kind of like packing a suitcase and having to leave some of your favorite things out, right?

There won’t be any kind of schedule or anything that organized, so you’ll never know who’ll be posting next. Or what the post will be about. Come to think of it, neither do we. So come visit often or better yet, subscribe. See you back soon.

– Jan Schroder for the Travelgirl team: Michael, Renee, Robyn, Val and Stephanie

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Travelgirl’s blog!

  1. I’m excited to see what is to come, and I LOVE the pic.

  2. Melanie on said:

    I need to buy the tote bag to match the spinning luggage on the bottom. Can someone please sale me one, it can be in good condition.

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