Pennies for Paris

Once upon a time (as I like to call my twenties) I lived the life I wanted, not the life I could afford. In that life, I traveled to many distant lands – Japan, Panama, and most of Europe. My Sugar Daddy (or as you may know him by his formal name MasterCard) was more than happy to fund my soul searching journeys.  But imagine my surprise 10 years later. Not only has he broken up with me, he has demanded all that money back. So currently, my taste buds travel more than my passport and I am left without my “there are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s”  a  Sugar Daddy.

However, I promised my best friend I would run the Paris marathon with her in April 2011. And given my personal financial marathon to get out of the red, it seems I must come up with a new plan to get to that Parisian starting line.

Since most of my paychecks go to pay for my what I did in my twenties, I am left with what is an afterthought to many people. Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies. All whom I love, all whom I save. “Pennies for Paris” is my new campaign. I spend only bills and save all the change. And when I use my bank debit card, for every purchase a dollar goes into my savings account. It may seem small, but every day it grows larger. So far in the last month I have saved $47.11.

Now that I have set the pace to get to Paris, all I have to worry about are the 26.2 miles I have to run once I am there.

– Mia (travelgirl’s behind the scenes web girl)

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3 thoughts on “Pennies for Paris

  1. oooh, i love this post!

    This is the exact position i find myself in now. I’ve always travelled by the motto “it’s better to have debt than regret”, funded by my two good friends visa and mastercard! A trip to NYC in March will be my last big travel splurge for a while..

    Good luck with “Pennies for Paris”!

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  3. Sandra on said:

    Making RTW trip is possible if you know how to save money before and while you’re traveling. Avoid buying unnecessary stuff and while you’re traveling try to make some travel tours so that you can visit popular places for a fixed price. There are many hotels that offer rooms at low cost if you book in advance, so you can get hotel deals and great discounts. Traveling is possible as log as you take the challenge and save enough

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