Midwest Offers Sweet Deal

I had always thought gin was my answer to feeling happier up in the air, but these chocolate chip cookies served by Midwest made me feel like someone caredMidwest Airlines has won my heart. And all it took was a little dough.

I flew Midwest for the first time this past week to go to Door County, Wisconsin. Being an Atlanta girl, it’s always Delta or AirTran for me.  I’d love to get in on some Southwest Airlines action, but they don’t fly here.

Anyway, there I was sitting in my coach seat on Midwest, northbound for Milwaukee, when I thought I heard something intriguing. You know how you zone out for the safety instructions? Well I know I do because if anything serious ever happened I’d be hyperventilating way too hard to do anything but try to maintain control of my bodily functions.

But I thought I heard something like this, “Blah, blah, blah, chocolate chip cookies.” But I didn’t think much of it because I figured it was just an altitude-induced fantasy. And even if it wasn’t, I had no interest in the usual cardboard cookies that most people try to pass off for chocolate chip. I figured they were just trying to get us to buy some nasty old “snack pack.” And I was already cheesed about the fact they serve only Pepsi products – yuck.

See, I am a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. I can handle a lot of grades of coffee and a variety of qualities of wines without damaging my palate or getting all snooty about it, but when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, I am pickier than Simon Cowell during the first rounds of American Idol. Very few make the cut for me.

Turns out I wasn’t hallucinating. A little while later the flight attendant came by and nicely handed me not one, but two perfect-looking chocolate chip cookies. I gingerly picked one up and was thrilled/astounded to discover it was warm. But now came the real test –  the taste. I took a bite and was rewarded with heavenly chocolate gooeyness. These cookies were delicious! And I didn’t even have to pay? Where was the catch? Were they going to tell me I had to give up my seat and spend the rest of the flight in the bathroom or order several nonsensical items from SkyMall? But as I looked around, I noticed everyone had received the same two cookies.

These cookies were some of the best I’ve ever had, and were all the sweeter for being entirely unexpected. It seems they have been doing this since 1986, and now even sell the cookie dough in some stores. There are so few pleasures in air travel these days that I remain pathetically grateful for this small touch.

I can even forgive them for the Pepsi products.

– Jan Schroder

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4 thoughts on “Midwest Offers Sweet Deal

  1. Warm chocolate chip cookies?! That’s reason enough to fly Midwest! A nice little break from peanuts and biscuits.

  2. Yeh, they better be serving cookies if they’re forcing Pepsi on you. Diet Coke is the only thing good left about domestic flights – well … now cookies, too 🙂 Door county is gorgeous – hope you had fun!

  3. It’d nice that other airlines would do the same. Little things could truly make our flight experience a lot better, and I think many airlines do not fully value/realize that.

  4. Kelly on said:

    Sign me up for a flight on Midwest! I used to stay at Doubletree all of the time for the cookies!

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