The Lost Girls

I am so excited to have a slightly advance copy of The Lost Girls, with the intriguing subtitle of “three friends. four continents. one unconventional detour around the world.” This is a real-life story of three friends who ditched their lives to travel the world for a year, in search of “adventure, meaning and enlightenment.”

Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner, three friends in New York City, were all about to turn 28 and felt a bit aimless and not sure what direction their lives should take.

I’m thinking about my situation when I was 28 – a job, a mortgage, a husband and soon-to-be pregnant – and although I wouldn’t change it a bit, there is a certain amount of envy about their ability to chuck it all and go. So even though I couldn’t have made the same choice, I look forward to reading all about the adventures of these true travelgirls, all 538 pages of it.

The book is dedicated to all the other lost girls out there who may be trying to find their way. And doesn’t that apply to all of us in some way?

The Lost Girls will be available May 11 in bookstores and on

– Jan Schroder

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2 thoughts on “The Lost Girls

  1. Jannet on said:

    The book seems like is something I must read. I would not consider myself ‘lost’ but sure am a bit aimless for a while. Reading a book like this would definitely give some enlightment to me! 🙂

  2. Jervette Ward-Ellis on said:

    I just added this really interesting sounding read to my Amazon Wish List!

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