Running Off to the Circus

This part of the trapeze I feel I could master. It's the everything-else I may have an issue with.

You’d think I’d be a bit concerned about reviewing my high school French for my trip to Montreal. But I’m more worried about the state of my biceps, triceps and abs.

I’m  leaving this weekend to attend Montreal Completement Cirque, Montreal’s first Circus Arts Festival, where more than 100 circus artists from all over the world are gathering in the home of Cirque du Soleil. We’ll meet with a few circus performers, where perhaps I can pick up some make-up tips, and attend some shows.

So what does that have to do with improving my upper body and core strength? It seems we may have a beginner trapeze lesson in there somewhere as well. Although I have no fear of heights and love those dreams where it feels like I’m flying, I do possess a fear of making a total fool of myself. Which seems a bit odd as I feel that I have more than my share of practice at it.

Add to that my general apathy towards the upper body portion of my work-outs, preferring to skip that part altogether so I can go home, change clothes and watch the Tivo-ed episodes of “Mad Men” and marvel at their undergarments, and you see the issue.

And there is also that old rotator-cuff injury that I believe I got during an intense yoga session. Never could master that dastardly Downward Dog. So it seems becoming a trapeze artist is not in my future. Which is kinda too bad because some of those little costumes are quite fetching.

Perhaps I should spend just a minute on that high school French – just enough to learn to say “My shoulder seems to have become separated from the main part of my body and is causing pain.”

The festival goes from July 8 to 25, and I’ll be heading there Saturday for a few days. Stay tuned – I’ll be blogging about it from the festival.

Jan Schroder

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