Avoid Luggage Fees – Win a $100 Amex Card!

This may be the best way to avoid luggage fees - your own private jet! But this was just for a photo shoot to introduce a line of Travelgirl luggage. That's me on the left with Robyn Klugman, Travelgirl's Associate Publisher.

I hate paying to check my bag. I just think about what else I could buy with that $50 I’d be charged just to have my suitcase travel with me. In my world, that’s more than four bottles of wine, a pair of shoes, a dress or a decent meal out with my husband.

I’ve gotten way better at packing now – I seldom have to go pull a Kramer and go commando because I forgot my underwear. Which I’ve done twice. So I can usually pack lightly enough to carry on my bag.

But then there is the whole hassle of finding space and the please-don’t-let-me-drop-this-on-someone’s-head prayer I say every time I hoist my suitcase in or out of the overhead bin. Not to mention the stress of shifting all those toiletries into those tiny three-ounce containers. And between trips the labels wear off so I’m not sure if I’m lathering on sunscreen or hair conditioner when I’m lounging poolside. We won’t even talk about the Neosporin/toothpaste mix-up of 2009.

Here’s one solution – get a Delta SkyMiles card from American Express and your  first checked bag is free! And not only yours, but up to nine people traveling with you. (Bless your heart if you’re traveling with nine people.) But let’s say you’re taking a family trip with four of you – that’s $200 right there.

I used to have a SkyMiles card but gave it up a few years ago, probably during the cost-cutting measures instituted in our household in 2008. But I’m getting another now just for this benefit. The first year fee is waived, you earn double miles on any Delta dollars spent and you get 20,000 miles after your first purchase. Check out details here.

To help spread the word, we’re giving away a $100 American Express Gift card. Just think how many bottles of wine, dresses, or dinners out you can buy with that – guilt-free!

It’s easy to qualify: Just tell us what’s on your must-travel-with list. Besides my underwear, which I always pack first (wearing my husband’s boxers is a not-to-be-repeated experience) I always take my Kindle with enough reading material to last several lifetimes. And you’re automatically entered.

You get an extra entry if you follow us on Twitter. If you don’t follow us yet, click here.

Contest ends May 19, so enter now! What do you always take with you?

Please note: American Express is sponsoring the giveaway and providing the $100 gift card. 

Jan Schroder

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348 thoughts on “Avoid Luggage Fees – Win a $100 Amex Card!

  1. Meghan M. on said:

    I always pack ginger, which is great for calming nausea. I don’t normally get plane-sick or car-sick, but I keep it with me just in case the flight is especially turbulent.

    My other packing staple is a sarong. It can be used for a beach blanket, a shirt, a dress, a towel, and you can wrap up your dirty clothes in it and use it as a laundry basket.

  2. Let’s see…Nook, an extra book (for when the electronic devices have to be off and I can’t use my Nook — lol), iPod that never end up using, gum for my ears and either a pillow or a jacket of sorts to rest my head.

    I also follow you on Twitter (@FloeticFlo)

  3. Sarina on said:

    I always take my iPod! Keeps me entertained on long flights, while waiting at the gate to board, and any other place I have to wait for long periods at time while traveling.

  4. Sarina on said:

    I’m also a follower on Twitter 🙂

  5. Melanie S. on said:

    I always make sure to pack snacks, as long as I’m not hungry I can deal with just about anything.

  6. Dori Saltzman on said:

    I always pack my smart phone, not because I want to make calls but because I’m addicted to white noise so I need my White Noise app at night to sleep!

  7. Terecille B. on said:

    I make sure to have a pack of gum with me – on the plane for take-off and landing, as that helps keep my ears at bay from popping too much; in the car, if I get some motion-sickness.

  8. Laura S on said:

    I can’t leave home w/o my iphone/ipod or kindle for iphone app!

  9. Elisabeth on said:

    After getting sick on a recent trip to Paris, I’m always going to take tissues and cough drops! 🙂

  10. Colleen on said:

    My Kindle and deodorant! I’m fine with wearing the same outfit, as long as I have something to read and don’t stink :).

  11. a book would be nice.. 🙂

  12. joseph gersch on said:

    I always pack something to do, like a crossword or jumble.. you never know when there will be delays

  13. joseph gersch on said:

    follow twitter @jtwark

  14. Ashley S. on said:

    I must have my ipod and I always seem to forget packing my hair brush so I try to pack that first!

  15. Ashley S. on said:

    I follow on twitter @smash906

  16. Kymberli Roberts on said:

    I can’t pack my suitcase without a coloring book and crayons. After being around for 2 yrs shy of 30 you would think I outgrew the hobby. But when your brain is always on the go like mine working on various projects; sometimes you need to do something trivial just to sort through your thoughts. Hmm…I wonder if there a such thing as crayola therapy…maybe I can use that excuse when I travel with my boyfriend so I’m not so embarrassed once I sneak the book and crayons out from that back pocket of the suitcase that people rarely use.

  17. I always pack a small bottle of bath foam. I don’t take baths at home, so when I’m away, even if it’s on business, I try to make it a spa experience!

  18. Following on Twitter, @lone_gun

  19. SANDY on said:

    toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush

  20. Ann F on said:

    I have to have my laptop to keep me connected with my family.

  21. alycep on said:

    I must take a couple pairs of shoes and several books-can never be caught without reading material.

  22. Adrienne gordon on said:

    I take my iphone with me, full entertainment.

  23. Margaret Smith on said:

    My must have is comfy shoes, makeup, sun protection and sun med’s (an experience I don’t want to have again).
    Thanks so much

  24. Margaret Smith on said:

    I’m a twitter follower (peg42)
    Thanks again

  25. Rebecca Graham on said:

    I always take my makeup and my medicine.

  26. Ashley on said:

    Hand sanitizer is on my must-have list! Planes are so germy and same with places where you stay! I’m a germ freak


  27. I have to have my jewelry and cologne with me. If would feel empty if I left either one of these items.

  28. Kiara on said:

    My must have is my ipod.

  29. Stephanie V. on said:

    my cancer meds and iphone

  30. Amber on said:

    Carmex lip balm is on my must-have-travel list

  31. Soha Molina on said:

    I have to travel with my laptop

  32. Soha Molina on said:

    I am @sohamolina twitter follower—

  33. Amanda on said:

    A Sudoku puzzle book is a must! It’s become somewhat of an addiction of mine.

  34. Anne Taylor on said:

    I always make sure to have Ricola’s, gum and lots of lip balm.


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com
    in canada

  35. Anne Taylor on said:

    Follow you on Twitter



    nancyrobster at gmail dot com
    in canada

  36. Tari L. on said:

    My camera. I never travel without it.

  37. on said:

    I always pack pjs in my take on bag incase there’s an overnight stay because of cancelled flights.

  38. Jeff D. on said:

    I always take a laptop and ipod with me on my trips.

  39. Jeff D. on said:

    Following on twitter.

  40. crystle tellerday on said:

    clothes and food and drinks

  41. courtney on said:

    I travel with all my makeup, medicine like nausea meds (cause I’m pregnant) and always snacks!:)

  42. courtney on said:

    twitter follower meandbells

  43. Cynthia C on said:

    I must take extra underwear. I had an experience with an unexpected delay with an overnight without a spare pair once. Taught me a lesson!

  44. Jessie on said:

    My iPod and charger is a must. I’ve got audiobooks and podcasts a plenty. Add a book of sudoku puzzles and I can get through anything.

  45. Kelly on said:

    In my carry-on, I always have my iPod, a couple of books, a puzzle book (and a pen), a change of outfit, my camera, and my makeup.

  46. Kyl Neusch on said:

    big a book to read on the plane

  47. Kyl Neusch on said:

    follow us on Twitter: bleush

  48. paige chandler on said:

    I must travel with my neck pillow. I need it on the plane and in those scary hotels.

  49. mickeyfan on said:

    I am a light traveller. In fact, the amount hubby takes puts me to shame. My must have? No matter what time of year or where I’m going I throw in/on a Columbia fleece jacket.

  50. I have a few must have travel items. My brush, deodorant, lots of socks, and my BC pills!
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  51. I follow you on Twitter (@aeris321)
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  52. Amanda on said:

    My iPod, chapstick, a travel pillow, a good pair of shoes, and a jacket

  53. I follow you on twitter

    muffetval at yahoo dot com.

    Can’t live without my shampoo when traveling. I fill up a travel container purchased at store with a small amount in it.

  54. Rachel on said:

    I always have to have my laptop with me…to do work or play games.

  55. Lynda E. on said:

    My neck pillow!

  56. Anthony on said:

    My number one item that I have to take is….”drum roll”…my earplugs…LOL…I can’t sleep without them and it is great for the noisy hotel room by the elevator or stairs…Thanks for the contest. Good luck everyone.

  57. John Stetson on said:

    My wife and I always make sure to pack enough of our daily medications. A few years ago we extended a vacation but had to leave early when we realized we would run out before we got home.

  58. Timbo on said:

    Y’know, I could say clothes, toiletries and the like. But a trip simply does not go as well if I don’t have my own laptop to use 🙂 It’s a hassle finding access stations in places when you need them 🙂

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  59. Timbo on said:

    I am following you on Twitter 😀 @TimboSquad

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  60. Kristy T on said:

    Definitely my laptop, I can’t live without it! Thanks for hosting!!

  61. Linda Lansford on said:

    I want to go to Vegas

  62. Donna L on said:

    My medicine.

  63. janna on said:

    contact solution and case!
    Thanks for the entry!
    Janna Johnson

  64. Sharon Harmon on said:

    My suitcase must contain plenty of magazines! 😉

  65. Tracy l Davis on said:

    My make up case and my face wash

  66. jackie on said:

    I have to drag my Cpap machine along with me always.

  67. Always have to take my best walking shoes. I have to get out and walk around and see the sites where ever I go and comfortable shoes are a must

  68. I follow on Twitter (@eyzofblu63)

  69. eva kieu on said:

    -phone numbers in case of emergency
    -important information organizer
    -underwear and bras

  70. eva kieu on said:

    follow on twitter@ekieu

  71. Pat B on said:

    Something to read is a must, but I can’t live without my hot air brush

  72. Pat B on said:

    I’m a twitter follower (@chvydupont24)

  73. Sheila K. on said:

    I ALWAYS take books!

  74. Denise B. on said:

    We no longer fly because of the TSA’s expanding their searches to backscater x-ray machines that see you naked and enhanced patdowns that now check breasts, groins, and inside the waistline of pants areas. When we did fly, I had to have all kinds of activities for me and our children. Mine would be a crossword and word search book.

  75. Kimberly Lontrato on said:

    Oh my what don’t I take! Definitely an over-packer – but I always make sure I have deodorant, toothbrush, comb, and socks

    Brn2lisn (at) gmail dot com

  76. Kimberly Lontrato on said:

    Follow on Twitter : @Brn2lisn

  77. Joy F on said:

    Toothbrush and paste.

  78. denice p on said:

    other than essential toilterees I have to have my nintendo ds lite on a trip. I can lose myself in the games and it when i look up i see that my trip is about done. oh and i like to take my own personal neck pillow. just because i don’t know where the pillows on flight have been.

  79. chris on said:

    my laptop

  80. Suzanne K on said:

    my must have list includes a couple of books that I haven’t had time to read yet

  81. angie on said:

    Must travel list is an extra pair of shoes, neck pillow, toothbrush, floss, and cellphone

  82. Min on said:

    My only real necessity is a credit card!

  83. Sarah Hirsch on said:

    my must-have is comfy walking shoes for sight-seeing!

  84. Sarah Hirsch on said:

    following on twitter – @stigay

  85. Ellie W on said:

    I must travel with several books (I don’t have a Kindle yet) and if I’m flying Xanax. I am afraid of flying.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  86. Ellie W on said:

    I follow you on Twitter @eswright18
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  87. Ashley on said:

    I always take my iPad and a good pair of shoes!

  88. Ashley on said:

    following you on twitter @shuggysmommy

  89. Jacob LaFountaine on said:

    My iPod Touch. I need something to do before, during and after the travel

  90. Cindy Merrill on said:

    I have a reversable silk Vest- always a must on longer trips because I can have two different looks.

  91. Cindy Merrill on said:

    I follow you on Twitter. My twitter name is foodhistorian.

  92. Mike on said:

    When I am traveling outside of the US, I carry nothing I would be upset about losing. An old laptop with absolutely nothing on it, but Photoshop and iWork. Too many people are losing their bags coming through customs back into the states.

    When I travel domestically, I have to have all my cameras, all my lenses, etc. My MacBook; lots of blank DVDs to fill up with my photographs.

    I am not sure about whether to take an iPad or just stick with my iPod.

    All my equipment fits in two high impact resin cases, one under the seat in front of me and the other in the overhead bin. I would never check my equipment in baggage – cameras or laptop computers – because it would be too difficult to replace it.

  93. Mike on said:

    Followed you on Twitter


    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  94. Marcia Goss on said:

    I always take a crossword puzzle book.

  95. Marcia Goss on said:

    I follow on Twitter @mgoss123.

  96. Paul Haddock on said:

    My cellphone

  97. Leslie D. on said:

    I always take a bottle of pump soap for in any hotel bathroom we stay in…and flip flops to where in the room as well. Thank you.

  98. wcc on said:

    I can’t leave home without my iPod touch. It’s old, but it still does everything that I need it too. I have to have my music while traveling. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  99. wcc on said:

    I follow you on twitter (@whitechocolatec).

  100. Ashley Gao on said:

    I always must have snacks and a book 🙂

  101. Jacob on said:

    I always have to travel with gum! The altitude really messes with me and so I have to chew it to relieve it!

  102. Jacob on said:

    I follow you on Twitter under the name JCHARRIES

  103. Denise S on said:

    I always bring a camera, book, snacks, and brochures.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  104. Denise S on said:

    I follow you on twitter: @lazybones344

  105. Unfortunately, my meds are top on my list, then a seek a word puzzle book to keep me busy

  106. sheila christensen on said:

    My meds and vitamins are most important. I also pack my eReader and my iPod shuffle to calm my nerves or quell the boredom.

  107. ashley on said:

    my laptop.. i need it to stay in the know

  108. Courtney S on said:

    I always have to have my iphone.. that way I can stay connected!

  109. michelle robbins on said:

    I can’t travel without water and snacks.

  110. michelle robbins on said:

    I’m following you on twitter.

  111. Gena on said:

    OK, this might seem a little odd but I always bring some bright decorative ribbon and bows. The reason is I attach it to my luggage or carry-on (if they take it at the plane which seems to happen a lot lately) and when I get off the plane or go to luggage pick up I can easily find my luggage quickly. It has always worked really well!

  112. Gena on said:

    I follow you on Twitter @GMERRELL

  113. Kathy Scott on said:

    I always take my sony reader because if I get stuck somewhere (compliments of our wonderful airline system) I will have plenty to read.

  114. Carol F on said:

    My meds and my glasses, I can’t keep my contacts in too long.
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net

  115. clynsg on said:

    Before I would have said books, but I am getting a Kindle soon as a Mother’s Day gift (my daughter told me she was ordering it, so it should arrive soon), and now it would definitely be that!

  116. aubreylaine on said:

    I need books to travel with!

  117. aubreylaine on said:

    I’m a twitter follower

  118. Denise M on said:

    I always pack my Kindle and my contact lens/glasses dual case

  119. Darryl T on said:

    i need snacks

  120. Paula Hafner on said:

    I pack my laptop. We can watch movies on it, download our pictures, check email, and more.

  121. Paula Hafner on said:

    I follow you on Twitter- ksh123

  122. Stacy on said:

    I always pack aspirin and sunscreen.

  123. Stacy on said:

    I follow on twitter (ohstac)

  124. Mami2jcn on said:

    I always pack earplugs because I can never sleep in hotels because of the noise.

  125. on said:

    I must take medication so that is a must pack first

  126. on said:

    follow on twitter


  127. Aisling on said:

    Meds, book (no Kindle yet, darn it!), small tube of hand lotion, and my glasses are must haves.

  128. brian on said:

    a laptop/smartphone/tablet so I can get some work done & keep myself entertained, & wet wipes for spills, etc.

  129. Sylvie W. on said:

    Headsets, lip balm, Hershey kisses, peanuts (shelled, of course; could you imagine me cracking them in the plane? Ha Ha), and a sweater.

  130. I always have to have magazines when I travel by air.

  131. 1993wel on said:

    I always take several books, a book of crossword puzzles, my iPod, some mints, a light jacket (to be used for a pillow and/or a blanket if the plane’s cold) and something to eat in case we get delayed and sit on the ground for a long time!

  132. Brittney on said:

    I always take several pairs of underwear and at least 2 extra outfits.. you never know what will happen. I also take books and my ipod.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  133. A Crossword Puzzle Book and HairSpray are my 2 MUST HAVE items.

  134. katfam on said:

    I always make sure that I have plenty of reading material and snacks with me when I travel.

  135. Christy buckley on said:

    On my must travel list is shoes! I have to have a pair for every occasion.

  136. Christy buckley on said:

    following on Twitter @ Blondeshimmer

  137. Erica C. on said:

    I always have lotion and chapstick…dry hands and lips are so annoying!

  138. I always take my kindle. It’s great to be able to carry as many books as you want for when you’re on the plane, or waiting.

    Also its great to be able to use wikipedia anywhere to get information about different places or sites.

  139. Holly C. on said:

    I always take my ipod touch because a lot of airports now have free wi-fi so while I am waiting in airports I can check my email and have tunes

  140. Holly C. on said:

    following you on twitter as hbbs55

  141. Daniel M on said:

    always bring some 1st aid items

  142. Deanna G. on said:

    Puzzles, hand cream, blistex & wet ones! 🙂

  143. Deanna G. on said:

    I follow on Twitter as @calidreamin87.

  144. Helen Stockwell on said:

    Money, a book and sunscreen!

  145. Helen Stockwell on said:

    Tweeter follower: @helyn4

  146. allyson ayala on said:

    mine is simply from many years of surging the world..sun scream, lavalava, toothbrush, contacts and sunglsses

  147. ferriz on said:

    I always bring my netbook, digital camera, and my sony reader.

    the reader to keep me entertained and the netbook for photo storage.. and in case i manage to find wifi while at an airport!


  148. ferriz on said:

    twitter follower @xferriza2


  149. Theresa D on said:

    I always pack my ipod.

  150. Theresa D on said:

    I am now following you on twitter.(terri142)

  151. shirley hicks on said:

    my camera!

  152. Linda on said:

    I always pack my toothbrush and toothpaste first!

  153. Adrienne Bireley on said:

    I must always have wet wipes and my toothbrush handy. That way if my luggage goes missing I’m all set.

  154. Rach on said:

    My must have (besides underwear) is my nintendo ds for the plane ride and of course reading material 🙂

  155. Rach on said:

    follow Travelgirl magazine on twitter @rachelie123

  156. tallcapp on said:

    My must travel list aways has three pairs of comfortable shoes. If my feet feel great I can sightsee day and night.

  157. megan on said:

    I always make sure to take a journal with me. I’m old school.

  158. I make sure I bring my NookColor…it entertains me AND the kids!

  159. Jessie S. on said:

    My MUST is snacks for the kids!

  160. julieh on said:

    My must have is my ipod for entertainment!

  161. D Schmidt on said:

    My must have is a notepad and pen, I need a place to be able down whatever pops into my head 😉

  162. D Schmidt on said:

    Follow on twitter (mummytotwoboys1)

  163. Katy V on said:

    Toothbrush, clean undies, and a comfy tee!

  164. Katy V on said:

    Follow you on twitter (@katyjv1988)

  165. McKim on said:

    I always have to have a bottle of water and a good book.

  166. Debbie C on said:

    Tylenol and antacids have to be in the bag. You can almost count on a headache and/or stomach upsets by someone on vacation. Also, if it’s a cruise trip, I have to throw in ginger pills and Sea Bands, just in case it gets rough.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  167. My must travel item? Hmmm…..a strapless bra. Really. We always go to Cancun to visit family and I bring lots of sundresses, many of which would be rendered useless without the bra. And my husband’s green card. There’d be issues not having that.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  168. I must have: my cell phone, my laptop, a David Sedaris novel, and my curling iron.

  169. I follow you on twitter, @slowclublover.

  170. Barbara M on said:

    Must haves – my MP3 player cell phone & meds.
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  171. Barbara M on said:

    I follow you on Twitter @JalapenoMama
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  172. Teresa L on said:

    My must haves are phone, and medication LOL 🙂

  173. kittycardero on said:

    A beach towel is on my must-travel-with list. I’d rather use my own big comfy towel at the pool than the scratchy hotel towels.

  174. kittycardero on said:

    follow on Twitter

  175. april bever on said:

    I pacha water bottle every time and some snacks a music player.Thanks for the contest!

  176. april bever on said:

    I pack a water bottle and some snacks and a music player. Thanks for the contest!

  177. ashley on said:

    a novel, my phone charger, my toothbrush and my debit card

  178. I always travel with a journal or notepad, my camera, and at least one dressy outfit, even if I don’t think I’ll need it.

  179. Mine would be underwear, toothbrush, and deodorant. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  180. I follow you on twitter. un:codisweepstakes codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  181. Jill L on said:

    I always pack my Zune. Figure I can zone out with some music or the kids can play some games.

  182. Katharina on said:

    I love traveling so my list is long. I’ll spare the details of the stuff everyone packs 🙂 and say that my “do not forget” list always includes phone charger, Kindle, sleeping ear plugs, camera and extra memory card, and laptop.

    Ohhh! And since we LOVE experiencing local cuisine, a must-pack item is always Pepto, too. 🙂
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail [dot]com

  183. Follow you on Twitter @chipdip2010

  184. Patricia T on said:

    I must have my decongestant with me when flying on planes. After getting a couple of ear infections when flying my doctor recommended taking one before takeoff, havent had one since!
    patriciachirp at yahoo dot com

  185. Craig Johnson on said:

    I always travel with my own alarm clock – I just feel more comfortable….

  186. Craig Johnson on said:

    twitter follower — CAJ5150

  187. Rebecca Peters on said:

    i like plenty of magazines and books and ipod!

  188. kolpin on said:

    always earplugs. you never know who you’ll sit next to on the plane!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  189. kolpin on said:

    twitter follower @kolpin4680
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  190. Karen on said:

    I have to take music and reading material. Thanks for the giveaway.

  191. Claire on said:

    Toothpaste and a toothbrush! They’re easy to forget and no one wants to waste time buying boring things like that on vacation.

  192. Cindy T. on said:

    In my bag I have make-up, toothpaste/toothbrush,deodorant, ipod, change of clothing, snacks, magazines and a couple of books. I try to have as much as I can with me. Thank you for the chance to win!
    deedeebamagirl at yahoo dot com

  193. Deborah Rosen on said:

    I tend to travel really, really light these days, but one item I must have is slipper socks.

  194. Kristie on said:

    I have really long hair so my must travel with item is a shower cap.

  195. Kristie on said:

    I follow on twitter @kowgirlsrule

  196. Deborah Rosen on said:

    Following on Twitter @AsTheNight.

  197. Shawn H on said:

    I must travel with my smartphone

  198. mrskub on said:

    When I travel, it’s usually to a port city to set sail on a cruise. The most important things for me are 1). a lanyard to attach my sign and sail card to and 2). a camera to capture the pictures for memories and 3). my husband. I couldn’t imagine not having him with me to enjoy the beauty of cruising.

  199. on said:

    I always travel with a book of Sudoku games. Makes the time FLY by. (No pun intended, ha ha.)

  200. Katie on said:

    I don’t leave home, much less my normal routine and/or city, without my makeup case. For everything from little touchups to fixing my face after a good cry, I need my paintbrushes with me at all times! 🙂

  201. Katie on said:

    I follow on twitter as @kanderspina

  202. Wendy McBride on said:

    I must have my pajamas and Dearfoam slippers!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  203. rebecca on said:

    Snacks, and a set of comfy clothes.

  204. Julie L on said:

    my meds that I take and something to read like magazines…and yes underwear 🙂

  205. amy d on said:

    i always pack shampoo and conditioner

  206. Carla on said:

    Make-up, sunblock, pain pills, and Papto Bismol.

  207. Barbara on said:

    I must have a good paperback book and some gum so my ears don’t hurt at the elevation change.

  208. Angela Winesburg on said:

    I need my laptop, ipod, magazines, a comfy travel pillow and gum! Bring on the 24 hour flight 🙂

  209. I always pack my carry-on like it’s an overnight bag. A toothbrush, a little makeup, an outfit- the essentials. Once when traveling to Holland my luggage was lost for 2 days and I had nothing. Never want that to happen again!

  210. Sheila Hickmon on said:

    I must have my cell phone, shampoo and conditioner, nausea meds, and make up!


  211. Michelle M on said:

    My cell phone, gum and my toothbrush.

  212. I always pack a good book and a travel candle

  213. Twitter follower @gkstratos

  214. Jaque R. on said:

    I must have my laptop when I travel….can’t live without it! 🙂 Thank you.

  215. Jaque R. on said:

    I am now following you on Twitter! 🙂 (@sottovocerocks)

  216. Jessica on said:

    I always bring my migraine medication, just in case!

  217. on said:

    drinks snacks and reading materials

  218. Mary Gardner on said:

    ipod and pillow

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  219. Mary Gardner on said:

    i follow you on twitter as jg4462

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  220. shawna on said:

    I have to have a good book.

  221. ky2here on said:

    credit cards.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  222. ky2here on said:

    Following TravelGirlMag twitter as ky2here1.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  223. April on said:

    Underwear and books are musts – I agree with you there! I always make sure that I have some sort of jacket/hoodie or whathaveyou because wherever I go I’m going to need to stay warm at some point. I also have travel size toiletries ready to go (if your labels wear off, try a Sharpie! or get shampoo/conditioner/lotion that have color to them so you know which is which). I also make sure to have my vitamins, aspirin and bandaids and such just in case (hotel gift shops charge a mint for those things!) as well as a razor. I generally bring one nice outfit and several mix and match choices that I can dress up or down. Comfy slip on shoes for the plane.

  224. jolene on said:

    allergy pills are a must for me, i never know if my destination will have something that will irritate my allergies and don’t want to spend another vacation miserable!

  225. ronda garnett on said:

    excedrin 🙂

  226. lauren chan on said:

    I must have my ipod! It helps me relax on the plane ride and keeps me from boredom!
    -lauren chan

  227. Dawn Swingle on said:

    I won’t travel without my Kindle or my Itouch.

  228. Jacki on said:

    My must travel list includes my mp3 player loaded with self-guided meditations and music to fall asleep to.

  229. Theresa on said:

    I must always pack my medicine first. I don’t know how many trips I’ve taken and forgotten my medicine! After that, an ipod is a must!

  230. Debbie Kennedy on said:

    I make sure I have my medicine, ipod, contact case and extra contact lenses and glasses, underwear and perfume!

  231. Pauline M on said:

    Since I’m a heavy traveler, I’ve found that having a lavender candle helps calm me down in strange hotel rooms. Other than that, I must have my slippers and jumbo jammies!

  232. Pauline M on said:

    I follow on twitter (pauline15)

  233. JenniferR.8 on said:

    I always take a shawl or light jacket because I get cold easily. reejen at comcast dot net

  234. Geoff K on said:

    I always take my iPod, Kindle, a book of crossword puzzles, a hoodie or jacket, and an aluminum water bottle with me on every trip. Thanks!

  235. Geoff K on said:

    I’m following on twitter: @guettel78

  236. I always have my laptop, iphone, a book and snacks!

  237. I’m following you on Twitter (I’m @LuckyJinxy).

  238. amy sass on said:

    i alwaysb bring along my ereader and 2 extra books

  239. Brittany Rebello on said:

    this is probably bad, but my laptop is a definite must!

  240. Lets see, Must have books and heating pad.

  241. Brittany Rebello on said:

    following on twitter @deadmonkeys90

  242. Matty on said:

    I definitely pack my iPod, snacks, medicine, glasses, clothing & my overnight bag, which includes toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hair gel and deoderant.

  243. Rosey on said:

    My outlet adapter is my must-have for travel because nothing works without it.

  244. meme on said:

    I take a couple of books and my crossword and soduko books with me along with my mp3 player.

  245. Sarah L on said:

    I make sure I have snacks to eat and packets of hot chocolate and a water bottle (empty before going thru security).
    Thanks for the contest.

  246. First, after passport and ID, is underwear. Then travelphone and charger, something to write with, then meds, camera and batteries/charger, and a couple pashminas. Everything after that is negotiable/replaceable. So glad to find this blog!

  247. Sarah L on said:

    Twitter follow you: slehan

  248. Follow you on Twitter. Nice, that your age group goes up to 65. Makes me feel included! Since I only started European travel when I was 55 . . . And this is the first summer I’m *not* going to Europe since 2007. 😦

  249. Robert Phillips on said:

    Toothbrush for sure and of course some reading material.

  250. I would DIE if an airline told me they lost my makeup bag. I can’t live without it!

  251. Following @travelgirlmag via Twitter.

  252. tiffany lane on said:

    My ipod and kids allergy meds.

  253. Leanna Peavy on said:

    I always take some Tylenol with me. Even if I pack lightly enough where I don’t have to pay for checked baggage, you can never predict what’s going to happen at the airport. I forot to park Tylenol and ended up being stuck in the plane on the ground for over 2 hours. That didn’t even include the 3 hour flight I had to sit through afterwards, all without Tylenol. 😦

  254. Gianna on said:

    Never forget toothbrushes!

  255. Breanne on said:

    My laptop

  256. Breanne on said:

    I follow you on Twitter @RazzMyBerry.

  257. Marc on said:

    A Swiss Army Knife and a mini flashlight.

  258. Susan D on said:

    Sunglasses are a must-bring item since most of the destinations to which I travel, both warm and cold, experience bright days

  259. Tonya Dean on said:

    Extra allergy pills, Band-aids, Antibacterial wipes and kleenex. Those are the essentials.


  260. I cant leave home without my own shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, etc. I am afraid there wont be any where I am lol.

    itsjustme62613 at

  261. follow on twitter from @Mistysunrise

    itsjustme62613 at

  262. randy saunders on said:

    my Bible!

  263. Crystal F on said:

    I have to make sure a bring some riding activities for my girls. They get bored so easily so I have to bring drawing supplies and their games. Thank you!!

  264. Jennifer J on said:

    books, undies & my camera. Oh and my migraine medicine!

  265. Of course clothing, toothbrush, and those things you must have.. but on top of that, a pair of high heels, a pair of comfortable walking shoes (Converse), and my camera! If possible also my laptop 🙂

  266. on said:

    on my list is clothes,underwear,ipod,books or magazines,makeup,blow dryer and a small first aid kit


  267. I bring my nook and sunscreen wipes

  268. Twitter @dddiva

  269. Julie M on said:

    Must haves are myereader and socks. Thank you for the giveaway.

  270. Mildred on said:

    Band-aids or other bandages, since you never know if you are going to get a paper cut, scrape, dry skin crack or the like while on vacation … and you don’t want precious vacation time looking for a first-aid kit

  271. Dawn S. on said:

    I always pack extra pairs of contacts. I would be lost without them and I hate wearing my eyeglasses!

  272. Dawn S. on said:

    I am also a follower on Twitter

  273. Patrice on said:

    My must haves are comfortable shoes and a camera.

  274. Dorothy on said:

    Extra bladder pads

  275. sarah on said:

    I always bring comfy shoes for the plane rides.

  276. DL Hubbard on said:

    I always take my Sweepsheet and some 3×5 cards and paper.

  277. Belinda Shaw on said:

    I always pack my medication and lap top.

  278. susan smoaks on said:

    i always take my ipod so i can listen to my music and drift off to sleep!

  279. tracey byram on said:

    Must-haves for me are my slippers, ipod, laptop and my portable DVD player.

  280. Timothy Sternberg on said:

    I always take my iPod!

  281. Tracy on said:

    I always take a really good book, a change of clothes, personal “stuff”, laptop, my notebook and pen, cell phone and passport if leaving the country LOL 🙂

  282. Susan Smith on said:

    My camera as I love taking pictures of my travels

  283. Susan Smith on said:

    follow via twitter susan1215

  284. I HATE to fly so I make sure I have my iPod and lots of good soothing music.

  285. I follow you on Twitter @snowluvnferret2

  286. Erica G on said:

    I always take a photo of my baby girls!

  287. gala on said:

    it’s a book always

  288. Serife Norfleat on said:

    We travel to the Caribbean frequently and on one of my trips I ended up with an abcess tooth..OUCH!!! Now I make sure that I have my doctor give me a prescription for anitbiotics (just in case)!!

  289. Serife Norfleat on said:

    Following you on twitter (@snorfleat)

  290. shelly on said:

    My first priority is to pack stuff to keep the toddler twins busy, in addition to some snacks for them. If they are happy, it makes things so much easier on trips for me. After that I make sure I have my toothbrush and camera.

  291. mineola on said:

    I make sure I take Q-tips, extra tissue & safety pins- a posh hand lotion is a must, as is eye-cream. I like Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado particularly for flights!

  292. john on said:

    pictures of my family and a prayer book

  293. Frank Kerner on said:

    I always make sure to bring notebooks and pencils! Travelling is always such an inspiration to write!

  294. Frank Kerner on said:

    I follow on Twitter @Mommonja

  295. tina page on said:

    i always bring a book, my journal and pen, and my favorite slippers.

  296. Kat Emerick on said:

    Well I don’t own a nook, kindle, IPod, so I travel the old fashion way by taking my old cd player that is about 10 years old.

  297. Justine on said:

    My must have item would be some ear buds and an mp3 player so I can have entertainment anywhere I go!

  298. Justine on said:

    I am now following you via twitter

  299. Diane Baum on said:

    I always have to take my phone charger…because one time I didn’t , a good book to read and a bottle of aspirns

  300. I always take easy to take off shoes for the well as a first aid kit and now a baby first aid kit 🙂 thanks for this..zoe

  301. follow you on twitter

    zoe hunter

  302. sandy on said:

    gum and (unfortunately) motion sickness pills!

  303. gina on said:

    Extra contact lenses are on my must-travel-with list, I would hate to have a lens tear & end up wearing my glasses the entire trip.

  304. Stephanie A on said:

    My must pack item is my glasses. I need them for distance and it really sucks going on a trip and not being able to clearly see the sites!

  305. nanjhall on said:

    Thanks….I needed a good chuckle today:) I am not sure what amused me more, going commando, your husbands boxers or being blessed for traveling with nine other people. LOL…too funny.

    My must travel list includes my glasses, contact solution and contact case. I tend to forget these since my contacts are already and easy not to think about what I need that night when I take them out.

  306. nanjhall on said:

    I am following you on Twitter as njhhb.

  307. Betty C on said:

    I take my netbook. I have music and books stored on it as well as games that don’t require internet access. It’s small enough to fit in my slightly oversized purse and very light weight.
    Of course, I always take an extra paperback or two, just in case I can’t use the netbook.

  308. Betty C on said:

    I follow on twitter as willitara.

  309. Michelle H. on said:

    My beauty supplies and my books are on the top of my list.

  310. DanV on said:

    My must-travel-with list is small, portable entertainment for the kids

  311. DanV on said:

    I follow on twitter

  312. kate dunn on said:

    I always bring a good book, my softlips chapstick and lotion.

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  313. kate dunn on said:

    following u on twitter (kylienkate)

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  314. maja on said:

    camera and a laptop

  315. maja on said:

    follow you on twitter @majameza

  316. erica on said:

    I always travel with my family so whenever we go traveling I make sure to bring my old gameboy to keep my little brother occupied!

  317. I have to have my ipod, book, cash or debit card, cell phone, something to drink.

  318. I follow on twitter (@MrsHarriett)

  319. Mellissa C on said:

    I always pack wipes. Always a mess with kids.

  320. Mellissa C on said:

    follow on twitter@Missybeez80

  321. Rachel M. on said:

    I always, always, ALWAYS bring a thick sweater, no matter where I’m going. I’ve made too many summer trips (Chicago, NYC, even Florida) where I end up freezing my butt off! I’ve finally learned my lesson!

  322. mary k on said:

    I always take my Kindle. It has 3g so it works for internet access when I can’t use my laptop. BTW, airline fees are insane. What are we paying for anyway? I am disabled and actually watched as an airline employee dragged my walker across the tarmac on its side. Of course it was broken and insurance won’t cover a new one. The credit toward a new ticket the airline gave me was useless. I can’t afford to fly!

  323. Stephanie A on said:

    Following you on twitter (sassygirl4u2)

  324. ardy22 on said:

    I never leave the house on a trip without my laptop!
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  325. books. actual books
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  326. patricia on said:

    I always take my Ipod.

  327. ardy22 on said:

    follow you twitter
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  328. Billie on said:

    I always make sure I have hand sanitizer!

  329. Billie on said:

    I follow you on Twitter as BillieHE.

  330. Steph A on said:

    I always bring my laptop and lip gloss or chapstick when I travel!

  331. Steph A on said:

    I follow you on twitter! gnwg

  332. caryl l on said:

    I always bring a small noise machine, vitamins, my pillow and some almonds.
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  333. caryl l on said:

    follow now on twitter dresdenrain
    spcale at yahoo dot com

  334. Melinda Gordon on said:

    I always pack extra paci’s for my baby. We always seem to drop them in the airport or while traveling and need some back ups for melt downs 😉

  335. brian e. on said:

    Thanks for the giveaway…my travel must-haves are my allergy meds & my MacBook !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  336. brian e. on said:

    Following YOU via Twitter: @brianpiero

  337. Sand on said:

    I must travel with a kindle, my macbook, a sun hat and sunblock.

  338. Erin T on said:

    I always take something to read with me.

  339. I always pack my cell phone and netbook, they’re a must have!

  340. I follow you on Twitter (@wrestlingaddict)

  341. kerri w on said:

    must have my macbook, ipod, and phone charged. all filled with tons and music and movies. when one dies on to the next.

  342. Chris on said:

    mush have my hiking boots and a good pair of socks

  343. K Anne on said:

    I have to bring my iphone! It has my calendar, games, notes, etc.

  344. K Anne on said:

    Follow you on Twitter: 213fooks

  345. katy D on said:

    I always bring a note book and a camera – to capture the moments!

  346. Jessica on said:

    I always pack reading material I get very bored waiting in the terminal and it keeps me out of those over priced gift shops.

  347. Jessica on said:

    Follow on twitter @Macmomof3

  348. Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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