Love and Sex: What Astrology Says About You

Travelgirl welcomes guest blogger  Joanna Martine Woolfolk, author of  The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need. Check out what she says about your sign and your romantic life.

Astrology is all about you – and among the most gripping topics it talks about is your romantic life. Astrology offers insights, advice, and hidden clues about love and sex, who you are emotionally and what you need in your relationships. Each sign in the zodiac carries a different “energy.” If you are Aries, you do not express your passions the way a Virgo or a Pisces is likely to. Your sign reveals your romantic drive and behavior, your preferences and needs, what you secretly crave – and the unique relationship patterns you create time and again.

ARIES: You are quick tinder. You’re emotionally fearless, and your passions are never ordinary. You’re irresistibly drawn to the razzle-dazzle of a Grand Romance. For you, the peak experience of an affair is the beginning of the stalk – for Aries loves to capture their prey.

TAURUS: Deep romanticism runs in your veins, but you’re no one’s plaything. An enduring love partnership is the most important thing to you. You need security and total commitment – and when you give your heart you offer a sybaritic sensuality lit with inner fire.

GEMINI: You’re a flirtatious charmer, a beguiling romantic, and an independent thinker. But the deepest part of you is looking for your astral twin. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and you search for a soulmate who can complete the other half of you.

CANCER: You’re cautious about revealing your vulnerable side, but fire does smolder under your elusive and magnetic sensuality. Even if you’ve lived through heartbreak, you believe in true love, and when it happens, everything in your life blooms.

LEO: You are glamorous and amorous, hot-blooded and impulsive. What you crave is admiration. Even if you’re just having a flirtation, you infuse it with excitement and drama. You give your heart without reservation; no one is more affectionate than you.

VIRGO: Yours is the sign of passion kept under a tight rein, but secretly you’re a runaway romantic – emotional and poetic. Once someone earns your trust and makes you feel valued, your deeply loving nature reveals itself. You’re a helpmate in every sense of the word.

LIBRA: Charming, social, and highly seductive, you’re addicted to dreams of romance in all its splendor and forever spinning fantasies. When you fall in love you tend to idolize the one you love. You’re an abundantly affectionate companion and a partner in adventure.

SCORPIO: You seem easygoing, but powerful emotions roil beneath your surface. You’re passionate, intense, and extremely complicated. Love is all-important, yet you’re not an easy conquest. Your personal shields are always up. Once you do fall in love, you’re an unswerving ally.

SAGITTARIUS: You believe that friendship and romance go hand in hand. If someone tries to corral your independent spirit, you head for the exit. Your affection is a gift you give freely with all your heart – because you want to. In love, you look for true communication of the soul.

CAPRICORN: You’re subtle and highly-sexed, but also restrained and private. You enter a relationship with caution. Once you trust, your promises are for keeps. You believe in “romantic destiny” – that somewhere there is someone meant only for you.

AQUARIUS: You’re charismatic, quirky, and unpredictable. Actually, you’re a romantic who believes perfect love does exist, but you hide this because you don’t want to seem naïve. Love to you means sharing intimacy and honesty – and retaining the freedom to be you.

PISCES: You’re a seducer and nurturer – you have deeply erotic passions and a sympathetic soul that’s just as deep. You’re not concerned with the superficial. You look into the inner psyche of a lover, the essence, and seek to bond yourself totally in a union.

Joanna Martine Woolfolk has written horoscopes for such magazines as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook, Self, YM and House Beautiful. Her newest Sun Sign Series has just been published – a collection of 12 books, each dedicated exclusively to one zodiac sign. To learn more, visit

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